Colombo Machinery &
Equipment (pvt) Ltd.


Colombo Machinery & Equipment Company was established in 1972 by Mr. M. Farook Deen its present Chairman, with the primary objective of supplying machinery, Industrial Raw Material and Chemicals in the capacity of an approved Tenderer. Due to the imports being monopolized by the Government of Sri Lanka at that time, the company acted as an Approved Tenderer to the Government, Semi-Government Institutions and Corporations with the liberalization of imports in 1977, the company was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company (Ltd.) in the name of Colombo Machinery & Equipment Limited (CMEL) .


With a view to taking advantage of the “Free Market Economy” and to import and supply Machinery, Equipment and Raw Material. Over the period , CMEL has been able to develop many areas of business and establish as the Local Agent for suppliers from many countries including Japan, U.S.A., U.K., France, India Etc., During the past decade, CMEL has successfully diversified its activities by establishing three other companies namely Industrial Pressure Vessels (Pvt) Limited (IPV), Integrated Communication Systems (Pvt) LTD (ICS) and Soap and Allied Industries (Pvt) Limited (SAIL) to handle specific areas of the business developed by CMEL over the years enjoying a group turn over in excess of 350,000,000 Sri Lanka Rupees.


CMEL is now one of the pioneer companies for providing large heavy-duty machineries and equipments in Sri Lanka and will grow its wings rapidly in its future. Company's future goal is to achieve the company's vision with the best possible efforts. That is to become the recognized industry leader by our customers in the machinery and industrial equipment businesses in which we compete Achievement of the vision statement is empowered by building a happy community of trusted customers, internal staff members and as well as by having a trusted set of suppliers both locally and internationally. Becoming a competitive bidder that would easily win local tenders is also a major goal in the company's journey.

Group Companies

Colombo Machinery & Equipment (pvt) Ltd. (CMEL)
Industrial Pressure Vessels (pvt) Ltd. (IPV)
D&D Associates (D&D)
Integrated Communication System (Pvt) Ltd. (ICS)
Soap & Allied Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (SAIL)

Key Strategies

Accelerate product launches by strengthening R&D team
Extend relationships with new key technology centers
Strengthen human resources function
Seek new market segments/applications for products
Pursue strategic alliances with complementary players
Strengthen web presence and promote
Operates in accordance with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers, environment and the community

Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry which we are more than happy to respond to you as soon as possible with our dedicated customer support team.